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Had Enough of Corporate Mumbo-jumbo?

Heard enough horse s**t? us too

"Working through a top-down, bottom-up approach", "dynamic relationship", "a profound paradigm shift", "process reengineering","proactive stance".

What does it all mean?
If absolutely nothing, then you've certainly made the first step in the right direction.

Why 'Core Communications'?

Simply put, you, our existing clients or prospects are central to our business [without you, we are nothing], and equally we see ourselves as core to your business if advertising, branding, reputation, your customers or any other field of our expertise is what we can do for you.

Venturing away from the mumbo-jumbo, we strongly believe that we hold core competencies in all that we do - if we don't have the abilty, we won't fob you off and claim that we do.

core. the central or essential part of something

Being a relatively small and evolving agency, we stay focussed on what we do. For everything else, we rely on first rate partners to provide sound recording, post production, art direction and so forth which of course we manage like they were our own.

Core Communications

150 Ashley Road
United Kingdom

T. 07949 097252
E. solutions@corecomms.org

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